Work Planning, Scheduling and Execution - Processing

Complete tasks in work execution and scheduling

About this course

This course is delivered in conjunction with AM2701 Work Planning and Scheduling – Processing. The purpose of this training is to provide the ability to carry out tasks in work execution and scheduling using Enterprise Asset Management.

Course code

AM2801 Work Execution – Processing
AM2701 Work Planning and Scheduling – Processing

Software release



1 day


Enterprise Asset Management


Familiar with Assets and Work Management in TechnologyOne and Navigation in Ci Anywhere

Topics covered

  • Work execution and how it fits within work initiation, planning and scheduling processes
  • Dispatch work
  • Use Ci Anywhere functions intended for those performing the work
  • Review and manage costs recorded on a Work Order
  • Complete Work Orders, utilising overheads and crew management for costing and timesheet resource time
  • Identify key Work Order concepts
  • Apply estimates for the cost of work
  • Raise requisitions for the goods and services required to perform the work
  • Create overheads and crews
  • Apply assets to a Work Order
  • Use spatial information on a Work Order
  • Perform short-term scheduling of work


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