Warrnambool City Council

Warrnambool City Council has transformed into a highly mobile, connected team with TechnologyOne's integrated enterprise solution

Case study highlights

  • Reduction in manual paper handling
  • Improved service to more than 15,000 residents
  • Integrated, streamlined business processes


Warrnambool is a regional centre and former port city on the south-western coast of Victoria, Australia.
The previous system was very paper-based, so employees were doing a lot of manual timesheets and manual leave requests, a lot of double-handling of work. The main thing that the council wanted alleviate was the amount of wastage and to become more streamlined in their processes.


The TechnologyOne OneCouncil Solution was implemented and rolled it out over a number of stages. The first stage included HRP, Financials, projects and contracts. The second stage was Property and Rating, local laws, planning, infringements, debtors. The Enterprise Content Management product will be rolled out in stage three.

"The key reason why we have chosen TechnologyOne as a enterprise solution is, we feel that we get a better integration, said David Harrington, Finance Manager. It removes complexity, because it means that we don't have to have any interfacing systems, so with a single solution, you're always going to get that tight integration, and things will always reconcile through to the different parts of the system."


The council has embraced TechnologyOne’s enterprise OneCouncil solution to drive efficiencies in the organisation and empower staff with through self-service, any-time anywhere capabilities.

“Having the mobile solution has helped our outdoor staff,” explained Mr Harrington “It means that they don't have to come back to an office at the end of the day to complete their timesheets. They're actually able to complete their timesheets as they continue their work throughout the day."

IT Manager and Project Manager
Parkes Shire Council

Jobs that have been made more efficient by the implementation of the software will enable redeployment of employees to improve quality or value in service delivery.


"The Ci Anywhere solution has really helped, because it means that when I'm out of the office, I can still do my approvals. It means that I'm not bound to my desk anymore.”

“I can access the personal directory if I need to know someone's phone number at home,” said Mr Harvey. “I can just quickly go in and look up their number. If I'm away sick and I have to put in a leave application, I simply put in a leave application on my smartphone, and I can attach a copy of my doctor's certificate, and that's it."

"In that way, it's made my life much simpler, the same as it has for a lot of our employees.”

“Previously, people were filling in paper timesheets, and then those paper timesheets were input by payroll staff, said Mr Harrington. There was a lot of double-handling of work. We've reduced a lot of that, and the role that the payroll team now play is a lot different. Instead of being data importers, they can now value-add to the business.”

“Warrnambool City Council is in a rate capping environment at the moment, so we're looking to drive innovation and efficiencies, and we see technology as a key driver for that, so we're keen to develop our relationship further with TechnologyOne to help achieve those goals of innovation and efficiency.”

About Warrnambool City Council

Warrnambool is a regional centre and former port city on the south-western coast of Victoria, Australia. The Warrnambool City Council have embraced TechnologyOne’s enterprise OneCouncil solution to drive efficiencies in the organisation and empower staff with through self-service, any-time anywhere capabilities.

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Publish date

26 Oct 2017

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