NORTEC Employment & Training

TechnologyOne's enterprise solution has enabled NORTEC Employment & Training to save weeks in the budgeting process and reduce month-end reporting by four days

Case study highlights

  • Saved weeks in budgeting
  • Reduced month end reporting by 4 days
  • Automated reporting processes


NORTEC Employment & Training (NORTEC) had quickly outgrown its previous software provider, Quickbooks, and was looking for a single integrated enterprise solution that was structured and intuitive. As a not-for-profit of significant size, NORTEC needed to implement a solution that could cater for future growth while also allowing it to realise immediate benefits.

"Being a not-for-profit, we are very lean and we didn't have a bottomless pit of money for the implementation. We needed it to be quick," says NORTEC Business Manager Belinda Hall.


NORTEC purchased TechnologyOne's OneCommunity solution, including: Financials, Payroll, Enterprise Budgeting (EB), Employee Self Service and enterprise-wide reporting. The company is currently using Financial Management, Payroll and Enterprise Budgeting, and will rollout the remaining functionality to scale with the company as it grows.


By initially implementing Enterprise Budgeting, Financial Management and Payroll, NORTEC has realised significant time savings.

"Enterprise Budgeting has saved me weeks in the budgeting process, by allowing me to get away from manual data entry within Microsoft® Excel," Ms Hall says.

"By having all the information in one place, we've also been able to cut down our month end reporting cycle by four days, and the system's integration has allowed us to automate processes and schedules.

"This makes a big difference for us, and we expect to reduce this cycle even further and ultimately move to a paperless environment."

NORTEC chose TechnologyOne's solution because of its positive industry reputation, superior functionality and integration, and the local support offered.

Business Manager
NORTEC Employment & Training

Enterprise Budgeting has saved me weeks in the budgeting process, by allowing me to get away from manual data entry within Microsoft Excel.


NORTEC is a not-for-profit organisation, delivering a comprehensive range of recruitment and training services for business and job seekers in Northern NSW communities. As a company with 16 offices and eight separate business units, NORTEC quickly outgrew its previous solution, Quickbooks®, and sought a single, integrated enterprise solution that was structured and intuitive.

NORTEC assessed a number of different ERP systems, including Microsoft® Dynamics Navision (NAV) and Microsoft® Dynamics Great Plains (GP), and ultimately selected TechnologyOne's OneCommunity solution due to superior functionality and its ability to scale with the company as it grew.

"Quickbooks is very much for small businesses, but we are a $25 million company with about eight different business units, so our requirements were just too complex for the system's capabilities," says NORTEC Business Manager Belinda Hall.

"It just wasn't serving our business needs - we were having to duplicate a lot of data entry because the system didn't offer integration. Our TechnologyOne solution is fully integrated, which has provided us with a lot of time savings."

OneCommunity is a total enterprise solution which is modular by design, and includes; Financial Management, Payroll, Enterprise Budgeting, Base Human Resource Management, Employee Self Service and enterprise-wide reporting.

Ms Hall said Financial Management and Enterprise Budgeting (EB) have allowed NORTEC to cut down its month-end reporting cycle by four days immediately following implementation.

By moving away from manual data entry across Microsoft® Excel, to a centralised system with real-time reporting, business modelling and scorecards, NORTEC has experienced significant time savings. Enterprise Budgeting has also allowed NORTEC to connect budgets and forecasts to business drivers to gain better insight into organisational performance.


Seeking a quick implementation and immediate benefits out of the system, NORTEC initially implemented the Financial Management, Payroll and Enterprise Budgeting modules, with a view to incrementally rolling out the remaining functionality as the business needs emerge.

Ms Hall said implementation of the solution within six months was on time, on plan and on budget, owing largely to the dedication of TechnologyOne's project team and the commitment of NORTEC employees.

"The project management regime worked really well, and TechnologyOne was there for us all the way. Nothing was ever too much trouble - I could ask the same question five times over six months, and someone kept coming back to me with the answers.

"It could have been such a horrific experience to do a whole system implementation like that, but our experience has been a pleasant one.

"The implementation came in on time and on budget, and it's been a really pleasant experience for us."

As NORTEC ramps up its use of OneCommunity's full functionality, the not-for-profit has ambitious aspirations to move to a paperless environment.

"We expect this will provide us with significant cost savings, as we won't need as much manual processing, storage space or equipment."


NORTEC Employment & Training delivers a comprehensive range of recruitment and training services for business and job seekers, as well as commercial recruitment for temporary, permanent and contract staffing.

As a not-for-profit organisation, NORTEC reinvests funds back into community program delivery and investment initiatives that contribute to a positive economic or social outcome for Northern New South Wales communities.

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Publish date

09 Feb 2015

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