City of Charles Sturt

The Council has transformed its asset management, saving time, reducing costs and improving customer service

Case study highlights

  • Increased productivity with automated system
  • Reduced processing time from 4 days to 15 minutes
  • Improved data accuracy and efficiencies


City of Charles Sturt (CCS) sought to create a holistic approach to asset management to improve both short- and long-term strategic planning and enhance customer service. CCS also required a built-in mobile solution that would assist it to automate processes and improve productivity of field workers.

"We needed to improve asset planning as we didn't have visibility of how much our assets were costing us over the long term," said Charles Sturt Information Services Manager Jodie Rugless. "This meant we couldn't accurately allocate budget to get the best out of our assets, or forecast budget effectively."


City of Charles Sturt selected TechnologyOne Asset Management, which includes Mobile Asset Management. This added to its existing TechnologyOne products including; Financials, Human Resources & Payroll and Property & Rating.


With a holistic, integrated approach to asset management, CCS has revolutionised its operational asset management to save time, reduce costs and improve customer service.

"Community requests were taking between three and four days to process. Using TechnologyOne's software, we have cut this to less than 15 minutes per request," Ms Rugless said.

CCS now processes and assigns work orders using mobile devices, enabling it to improve productivity, visibility and workflow planning for field workers.

"GIS mapping has enabled us to see our jobs on the map. We can plan out activities geographically, allowing field workers to cover more ground in a day. It also means they don't have to return to the depot, which saves a lot of time."

Information Services Manager
City of Charles Sturt

The quality of our asset data has greatly improved, and we can now cost down to a single asset, to understand exactly how much that asset is costing us to maintain.


City of Charles Sturt sought to replace its asset IT systems to consolidate and underpin its strategic, tactical and operational approach to asset management.

Without a sophisticated asset management system, the council was unable to record work orders or access reliable asset data. Using TechnologyOne Asset Management, CCS is now recording more than 1,750 work orders each week.

"TechnologyOne Asset Management meets our legislative and organisational requirements for short-term asset management, work order management and strategic asset management," said Information Services Manager Jodie Rugless.

"When our paper based systems were in place, we couldn't see which jobs were the most urgent. Now, we can view jobs in order of importance to improve our productivity. We have significantly reduced paper handling and manual data entry by moving to an automated online system. This ultimately improves the service and outcomes we provide to the community."

With more accuracy and visibility of asset data, CCS has improved budget allocation to maximise the value of its assets.

"The quality of our asset data has greatly improved, and we can now cost down to a single asset, to understand exactly how much that asset is costing us to maintain," Ms Rugless said.

TechnologyOne's software has also enabled CCS to drive benefits back into the community, with improved turnaround times for customer requests. Council has aspirations to use Asset Management to improve transparency and visibility of its asset data for the community, by publishing its asset information and customer requests online.

"We want to extend our vision to deliver both internal benefits and improve the services we provide to the community. This will improve transparency and speed up the process by minimising incoming customer requests and calls."


Mobile Asset Management has significantly improved the council's quality of asset data by automating work processes and allowing real-time communication and data entry.

"TechnologyOne Asset Management has been a huge benefit to the organisation and has generated a sustainable avenue for continuous improvement," Ms Rugless said.

"It has given us a reason to get mobility in the field. Providing our field workers with access to mobile devices has opened up a whole platform for innovation for our organisation."

City of Charles Sturt is also using GIS mapping embedded within Mobile Asset Management to improve productivity and workflow planning.

"By using geospatial workflow planning rather than calendar-based planning, we're able to respond faster to customer requests and minimise time spent travelling between jobs."

City of Charles Sturt scheduled implementation of all asset management classes, mobile users and go live of the asset register simultaneously to remove the complexities of a staged implementation approach.

About City of Charles Sturt

Charles Sturt  has 107,000 residents from over 100 different cultures. Charles Sturt provides a wide range of services to the community and has a particular focus on the environment.

As well as environmental and community based initiatives, CCS continues to focus on improving areas frequently used by the community in preparation for forecast growth in the population.

The City's assets are valued at $952 m including roads, footpaths, stormwater, property and community facilities like libraries, playgrounds and community centres.

City of Charles Sturt website

Publish date

07 Mar 2016

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