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Using continuous improvement to drive digital transformation

What does it take for a business to be successful? A better product? Superior service? Higher profits? A driven workforce and a charismatic leader? If you take a closer look at the companies that consistently rank among the highest performing, you may detect some – or all – of these characteristics. What you will definitely notice is a company-wide ethos that supports commitment to continuous improvement.

Philosophy above process

Continuous improvement is the embedded belief that everything your business does can be improved upon; your products and services, the processes used to design and produce them and the way your workforce operates.

Much more than a component of a quality system, continuous improvement is a philosophy. For many organisations, a move toward its adoption represents a major cultural shift requiring consistent effort to entrench and to realise.

Incremental vs breakthrough

The world’s largest and most successful organisations actively pursue continuous improvement. At Amazon, that means following the principles of kaizen – an approach that favours small incremental changes from observation and ideas developed within the business. Constant refinement of processes and practices in the company’s distribution centres consistently delivers significant productivity improvements – all attributed to the team that carries out the work.


The Japanese method for transforming and improving, one step at a time

Continuous improvement can also follow a radical path, supporting a more dramatic rate or scale of transformation – often referred to as ‘breakthrough’ change. Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs was a continuous improvement advocate and favoured a radical, rather than incremental, approach. In developing the iPhone, he redefined what it is to meet a customer need and delivered a product the market didn’t even know it wanted. The company didn’t stop there, with every subsequent iPhone release offering improved functionality and capability far beyond its predecessor, while competitors struggled to keep up.

Regardless of your approach, to maintain that edge and enjoy ongoing success requires ongoing analysis and planning, ensuring that improvement activities are right sized and right aligned for your organisation, capabilities and business objectives.

Enable your tech transformation

As a TechnologyOne customer that has made the move to SaaS, your business is already on the continuous improvement pathway; you've already undergone major change in your organisation to improve efficiency and the way you work.

But when a new major change happens, it's unlikely that everything is instantly perfect and set in stone until the next major change. There is always room to make small improvements and fine-tune processes on an incremental, ongoing basis.

So how do you improve, optimise and take your business to the next level? How do you make the most of an ever-evolving SaaS solution?

That’s where our Application Managed Services (AMS) program can assist. To help you continually get the most from your TechnologyOne solution.

Ci Anywhere is the latest version of our software, which provides our SaaS customers a modern and consistent user experience across all 14 products in our enterprise suite.

In Ci Anywhere we’ve reimagined many of our core business processes from our legacy Ci software.

The path to Ci Anywhere is evolutionary and unique to your organisation. That’s why we’ve developed a step-by-step approach to help you plan and execute your transformation initiatives, including a move to Ci Anywhere, using a TechnologyOne AMS program. It involves reviews of current products, modules and business processes and detailed project plans to get you there. Execution of the plan drives continuous improvement as we maintain, enhance and upgrade your software.

Delivered in the initial months of your AMS program, a customised Customer Transformation Plan (CTP) offers a bite-size approach to transformation, via iterative, incremental changes that maximise adoption and minimise disruption. requires ongoing analysis and planning, ensuring that improvement activities are right sized and right aligned for your organisation, capabilities and business objectives.

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